New Train! "The Northern Railroad"

Western Train Co. presents the “Northern Railroad”. This train brings a holiday classic to life! Inspired by the Book and Feature Film “The Polar Express” written by Chris Van Allsburg. We just delivered An Electric model to the City of Fort Smith, replacing their Old Steamer in time for its Big Centennial Retirement Event, where they Released the New Electric Locomotive #200 to take over for the Next 100 years! Our electric trains run silently across your park, keeping your passengers, zoo animals, and immediate area free of harmful emissions and frightening engine noise! An electric train also removes the need to keep and store gas and diesel fuel in your facilities. Do you want to see a train ride in your town? Contact to learn more about how you can provide a train ride to your community on a friendly budget! All Aboard!, Adventure Awaits at The Western Train Co.

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