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Historic Castle Park Railroad gets new wheels

Bud Hurlbut made over 2 dozen trains in the time of the Hurlbut Amusement Co. His favorite trains were always kept close to home, most notably his personal engine #1035 which still runs at Riverside's Castle Park after more than 3 decades! The locomotive and coaches recently came to Western Train Co.'s workshop to get a brand new set of wheels.

Western Train Co., CA based amusement train mfg. who acquired the Hurlbut Amusement Co. in 2011, has made great efforts to ensure the longevity of Bud Hurlbut's remaining original train rides, many of which have been in service since the 1960's. In addition to servicing the historic originals, Western Train Co. offers reproduction models dubbed as "Hurlbut Miniatures" along with a host of other train ride styles in their product line.

Check out the photos below to see the process of restoring the wheels of this railroad to 100% working order:

Arrival of CPRR #1035 at WTC Workshop

Wheels and Trucks after restoration

New Wheels under Locomotive

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