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Western train co. is proud to offer new carousel rides, along with a full spectrum of services for carousels, completely in-house.

Western Train Co. boasts over 12 years of experience specializing in the repair and restoration of antique carousels. Unlike many other amusement companies, we offer a comprehensive range of services dedicated to these beloved rides, encompassing everything from the meticulous refurbishment of wooden figures to the complete rehabilitation of the entire carousel.

Our approach incorporates cutting-edge 3D and CAD/CAM technology, enabling us to faithfully replicate the timeless wooden carousel designs of yesteryears, ensuring that new generations can savor their charm. Our capabilities extend beyond mere metal fabrication; our state-of-the-art wood shop is fully equipped to craft any wooden component of the carousel, including the creation of newly carved animals. Additionally, we provide painting services tailored to various levels of detail and can customize them to match your preferred theme.

Western Train Co. specializes in both new builds and museum-quality restorations of historic antique and modern carousels produced by American carousel builders from the 19th century onwards. Our expertise covers a wide array of renowned carousel manufacturers, including but not limited to:

Gustav & William Dentzel Company Carousels

Charles I.D. Looff & Sons Carousels

M.C. Illions & Adam Carousell Co. Carousels

Philadelphia Toboggan Co. PTC Carousels 

Stein & Goldstein Co. Carousels

Herschell-Spillman Co. Carousels

D. C. Muller (Muller Illions) Carousels

W.F. Mangels Co. Carousels

Allan Herschell Carousels

Chance Rides Carousels

Fabricon Carousels

Carousel Works Carousels

Along with our services for existing Carousels, we also create new Carousel Rides manufactured

 by Western Train Co.


We document the entire process of Carousel Builds & Restorations complete with photo and video updates of every step. Our team of Amusement Industry professionals is made up of carousel historians, master carvers, painters, machinists, engineers, and theming experts. We are ready to restore your antique or park model carousel back to its former glory or build you an entirely new Carousel. 


42' Classic Carousel

Discover our cutting-edge 42-foot Diameter Carousel system, available in your choice of either wood or fiberglass materials. This magnificent carousel is driven by a seamlessly integrated electric motor within your facility and showcases timeless animal designs from the 1890s to the 1950s, alongside fresh and innovative creations that you can create with the Western Train Co. Rides factory. Our dedicated team is prepared to assist you in bringing your dream carousel to life, whether it's a faithful classic reproduction or a uniquely crafted masterpiece designed exclusively for your community.

Carousel Features: 

- 14 Sections - 36 Animal Figures - 2 Chariots

- New Wood or Fiberglass Animal Figures (Designs from 1890-1950 & New Figures) 

- Hand Painted by artists at Western Train Co. Factory

- Electric Motor & VSD Software

- Easy to Use Operator Control Panel

- Factory Testing Reports & Public Certification Documents

our wood carving work is not limited to carousels - we can also provide your facility with custom signage and props

 in wood or foam


1927 Illions supreme 


Renowned as the most ornate carousel ever crafted and the crowning achievement of the celebrated carousel artisan, Marcus Illions, this majestic carousel spans an impressive 50 feet in diameter, adorned with 48 unparalleled figures and meticulously hand-carved trim. This masterpiece underwent a meticulous mechanical restoration at our workshop.

The carousel's enchanting animals have graced the pages of countless books, magazines, calendars, and miniature reproductions, solidifying its status as the most iconic carousel worldwide.

Location: Los Angeles County Fairground

Scope of work for the restoration project includes:

  • Comprehensive restoration of the mechanism

  • Installation of new bearings

  • Replacement of gears

  • Crafting a new platform from vertical grain wood

  • Antique transport and storage services



1890s looff
"broadway flying horses" 


The "Broadway Flying Horses," a historic carousel dating back to the 1890s, represents the original Coney Island carousel. Crafted around 1890 by Charles I.D. Looff, a renowned artisan responsible for the creation of more than 40 carousels, its initial location was the vibrant Coney Island in New York. Subsequently, it journeyed to Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts, before finding its way to San Diego, California. Presently, this cherished piece underwent meticulous mechanical restoration at the Western Train Co.'s workshop on behalf of a private collector.

Historical timeline:

  • Origin: Original Coney Island Carousel

  • Salisbury Beach: 1914-1976

  • San Diego: 1978-2004

The scope of work for the restoration includes:

  • Comprehensive restoration of the mechanism

  • Restoration of antique wooden components

  • Antique transport and storage services



1902 dentzel menagerie
"Knott's lagoon"

The historical 1902 Dentzel Menagerie carousel, originally carved by Gustav Dentzel, is famously associated with its service in the 1950s at Knott's Lagoon in Buena Park, California. BUD Hurlbut, a pioneer in the amusement park industry, notably auctioned off the wood paneling and animals in 1991, a decision he later deeply regretted. Today, this remarkable carousel is undergoing a spectacular restoration at our workshop, promising to deliver the most exquisite Dentzel Menagerie carousel restoration ever achieved.

Notable Locations:

  • Knott's Berry Farm Lagoon

  • Castle Park

Scope of Restoration:

  • Comprehensive restoration and repopulation of animals

  • Crafting of new fiberglass rounding boards, mirror frames, jester visages, and more.

  • Restoration of antique wooden components

  • Installation of a new hydraulic drive mechanism

  • Antique transport and storage services


1990s fabricon "boomtown carousel" 

The "Boomtown Carousel," a charming attraction located in Reno, Nevada, where it delights visitors on a weekly basis at the Boomtown Casino, has a unique history. This carousel, crafted by the Fabricon Carousel Co. during the 1990s, combines a blend of wood and metal construction with whimsical fiberglass horses and facades, adding a touch of magic to the experience. The "Boomtown Carousel" stands as a testament to the artistry of Fabricon Carousel Co. and continues to bring joy to visitors at its iconic Reno location.

Scope of Restoration:

  • Meticulous repair of damaged sweeps, restoring their integrity.

  • Careful repair of broken mud seals to ensure the carousel's continued smooth operation.

  • Installation of new vertical thrust bearings to enhance safety and performance.

  • Diligent repair of any damage to the center pole, preserving the structural integrity of the carousel.


1950s allan herschell


The 1950s Allan Herschell 36" Carousel, a vintage gem, was meticulously rescued from a storage unit in South Dakota. Now, it's poised for installation at your chosen location, ready to create years of cherished family memories. Allan Herschell, a celebrated and prolific modern carousel manufacturer, lends this carousel its historical significance.

Notably, at Western Train Co., we offer you the flexibility to either fully customize your carousel or have it delivered with ready-to-go fiberglass animals, tailored to your preferences.


This particular carousel has entered its final stages of an exhaustive restoration process, and it's resplendent in its renewed glory. If you're interested in this exceptional carousel or have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us for further details.


1900s dentzel menagerie at castle park  


Hailing from the early 1900s, the Dentzel Menagerie Carousel at Castle Park holds a rich history. It was originally among the first rides at the historic Knott's Berry Farm Lagoon. Since the 1980s, this beloved carousel has found its home at Castle Park in Riverside.

Initially installed and maintained by the longstanding owner of Castle Park and renowned theme park figure, Bud Hurlbut, and The Hurlbut Amusement Co., this carousel has now undergone expert service at the hands of Western Train Co. Their skilled team conducted extensive repairs to the carousel's mechanism and is currently in the process of bestowing a fresh coat of paint upon the enchanting animal figures, breathing new life into this treasured piece of amusement history.


2010 carousel works

downtown palm beach gardens carousel 

Western Train Co. has successfully completed the restoration and reinstallation of the Carousel Works Carousel in Downtown Palm Beach Gardens. This magnificent carousel, previously located in Palm Beach, Florida, embarked on a thrilling journey to Temecula, California, where it received essential repairs and rejuvenation at the Western Train Co. Ride Factory.

Scope of Work:

  • Extensive wood repair to ensure structural integrity and longevity.

  • Meticulous re-painting of select animals, restoring their vibrant and enchanting appearance.

  • Replacement of critical operating components to enhance safety and performance.

These comprehensive efforts have breathed new life into this beloved carousel, ensuring that it returns to Downtown Palm Beach Gardens in its full splendor, ready to captivate and enchant visitors once again.


1918 herschell-spillman at san antonio zoo kiddie park
The Herschell-Spillman Carousel, an antique gem dating back to 1918, has been delighting visitors at the Kiddie Park near the San Antonio Zoo since 1935. In the year 2023, we are embarking on an exciting project to meticulously repaint all the animal figures adorning the carousel, ensuring it continues to bring joy to generations to come.


Columbia carousel 
at californias great america

The renowned Columbia Carousel, standing tall at California's Great America, proudly holds the distinction of being the world's tallest carousel. Western Train Co. is currently overseeing an extensive multi-year restoration effort, ensuring that this iconic carousel remains in pristine condition. The restoration project includes the meticulous repainting of all the captivating animal figures and the implementation of various mechanical restorations to guarantee its ongoing splendor and operational excellence.


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