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Western train co. is proud to offer new carousel rides, along with a full spectrum of services for carousels, completely in-house.

Western Train Co. has been involved in the repair and restoration of Antique carousels for more than 12 years. Unlike most amusement companies, we offer a full range of services for our rides - from the restoration of wooden figures to the complete rehabilitation of the Carousel itself. 

Using modern 3D and CAD/CAM Technology - we are able to reproduce the classic wooden carousel designs of the past for new generations to enjoy. Our capabilities go beyond the obvious metal fabrication, our state of the art wood shop can produce any wooden part of the carousel, including newly carved animals. We also offer painting services in various levels of detail and can customize to your desired theme.

Western Train Co. offers New Builds and Museum Quality Restorations of Historic Antique & Modern Carousels produced by American Carousel builders from the 19th Century onwards, including:

Gustav & William Dentzel Company Carousels

Charles I.D. Looff Carousels

M.C. Illions Carousels

PTC Carousels 

Stein & Goldstein Carousels

Herschell Spillman Carousels

D. C. Muller Carousels

Mangels Carousels

Allan Herschell Carousels

Chance Carousels

Fabricon Carousels

Carousel Works Carousels

Along with our services for existing Carousels, we also create new Carousel Rides manufactured

 by Western Train Co. in several cosmetic styles

Lost Island Carousel (Custom Styling - Opening 2023)

Columbia Zoo (Dentzel Styling - Opening 2023)


We document the entire process of Carousel Builds & Restorations complete with photo and video updates of every step. Our team of Amusement Industry professionals is made up of carousel historians, master carvers, painters, machinists, engineers, and theming experts. We are ready to restore your antique or park model carousel back to its former glory or build you an entirely new Carousel. 





our wood carving work is not limited to carousels - we can also provide your facility with custom signage and props

 in wood or foam


1927 Illions supreme 


The most guilded carousel ever built and the magnum opus of famed carousel carver, marcus illions. 50 feet in diameter with 48 unmatched figures and all hand-carved trim. This carousel is currently under restoration at our workshop.

the animals from the carousel have been featured in more books, magazines, calendars, and miniatures than any other carousel ever produced, making it the most recognizeable carousel in the world. 

seen at: los angeles county fairground

Scope of work: 

- complete restoration of mechanism

- new bearings 

- new gears

- new vertical grain wood platform

- antique Transport and storage



1890s looff "broadway flying horses" 


the historic original coney island carousel. Built around 1890 by Charles I.D. Looff, a famous craftsman who carved and build more than 40 carousels, its first home was Coney Island in New York. It then moved to salisbury beach, ma and then to san diego, ca. it is under restoration at western train co's workshop for a private collector.

seen at: original coney island carousel/ salisbury beach 1914-1976 /san diego 1978 - 2004 

Scope of work: 

- complete restoration of mechanism

- antique wood parts restoration

- antique Transport and storage



1902 dentzel menagerie
"Knott's lagoon"


this historic 1902 dentzel menagerie carousel carved by gustav dentzel, was famously in service during the 1950s at knott's lagoon in buena park, ca. BUD hurlbut, AMUSEMENT PARK PIONEER, famously auctioned off the wood paneling and animals in 1991, one of his greatest regrets. now under SPECTACULAR restoration at our workshop, this project will produce the finest dentzel menagerie carousel restoration ever accomplished.

seen at: knotts berry farm lagoon / castle park

Scope of work: 

- restoration and repopulation of animals

- new fiberglass rounding boards, mirror frames, jester visages, etc.

- antique wood parts restoration

- New hydraulic drive mechanism

- antique Transport and storage



1990s fabricon "boomtown carousel" 


the boomtown carousel hails from reno, nevada where is runs weekly at boomtown casino. the carousel was manufactured by the fabricon carousel co. sometime in the 1990s. the carousel features wood & metal construction with fiberglass horses and facades.

Scope of work: 

- repair of broken sweeps

- repair of broken mud seals

- install new vertical thrust bearings

- repair damage to center pole


1950s allan herschell 36" Carousel 


this carousel was rescued from a storage unit in south dakota, and is ready to be installed at your location for years of family fun. allan herschell was one of the most prolific modern carousel manufacturers. this machine is in final stages of complete restoration and is looking great. contact us to inquire


1900s dentzel menagerie at castle park  


originally found among the first rides in the Historic Knott’s Berry Farm Lagoon, this carousel has been at castle park in Riverside since the 1980s. Installed and originally maintained by long-time owner of Castle Park and theme park legend, Bud Hurlbut & The Hurlbut Amusement Co. the carousel has now been serviced by western train co. who performed extensive repairs to the mechanism and is in the process of providing a new coat of paint to the animal figures. 


carousel works carousel at
downtown palm beach gardens


This carousel from downtown palm beach gardens is on a merry-go-road trip from palm beach florida to temecula california for repairs at western train co. ride factory. the carousel will receive repairs such as wood repair, re-painting of some animals, and replacement of critical operating components.  


1918 herschell-spillman at san antonio zoo kiddie park

This antique herschell-spillman carousel has been giving rides at the kiddie park near san antonio zoo since 1935! this 2023 we are repainting all the animal figures on the carousel. 


columbia carousel at california's great america


This carousel is known as the tallest carousel in the world. we are currently in the process of a several year restoration including new paint on all animal figures, as well as variouse mechanical restorations. 


Western Train Co. United States Amusement Park Ride Manufacturer
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