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Here are the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers, if your question isn't answered here feel free to contact Western Train Co. sales department to get your questions answered! 

Q: Do you work on location or elsewhere?

A: Most of our work is transported to our workshop in Temecula, CA. We do work on-site during installations and when necessary. 

Q: Do you perform on-site inspections?

A: Yes! Western Train Co. will send service reps out to your park to diagnose issues and perform inspection services.

Q: Do you supply Train Parts?

A: Yes! We supply most parts for C.P. Huntington & Hurlbut Amusement Co. Train Rides, including wheels & replacement parts! We also supply parts & service for Carousels.

Q: What engines do your trains use?

A: Our Train Rides run with brand new or remanufactured-as-new Diesel Engines paired with Eaton Hydraulic Pumps. 

Q: Can you make your trains fit my custom gauge railroad track?

A: Yes! Western Train Co. offers full customization on all of our train ride models, including regauging of the drive trucks. 

Q: Do you offer parts & service for your train rides?

A: Yes! Western Train Co. offers all parts & full service for every one of our factory rides.

Q: Do your trains run on real railroad track?

A: Yes! All of our train rides run on genuine steel railroad track. We do not currently offer trackless train models. 

Q: Do you make your trains in electric drive?

A: Yes! We can make any of our train models electric, up to 24" Gauge.

Q: Can you restore wooden carousel animals? 

A: Yes! Western Train Co. can completely restore your wooden carousel horse or figure. We proudly work with master carvers and painters to produce museum quality restorations.

Q: Do you accept trade-ins towards new rides?

A: Yes! Western Train Co. will accept your old train or ride as a trade-in credit towards the purchase of a new ride!

Q: Do you service "one-off" or custom rides?

A: Yes! Western Train Co. will be happy to provide parts & service to one of a kind, custom made, or antique rides that don't seem to have parts anywhere. 

Q: Do you sell custom train parts?

A: Yes! Even if it is an off brand or custom make, Western Train Co. can help provide your train with the parts it needs.

Q: Do you offer theming with your rides?

A: Yes! Our team of fabricators, artists, sculptors, painters, and theming experts are prepared to build you an all-in-one themed ride experience.

Q: Can you make new gears for my Carousel?

A: Yes! Western Train Co. can provide brand new, heat treated steel or cast gears for your carousel. We have most gears readily available by most major carousel manufacturers. However, some gears do require that you send in a sample for us to re-cast.

Q: My park is out of state, will you still come out and inspect my ride?

A: Yes! We charge a small consultation fee for ride inspections. Whether you are in Dallas or Shanghai, we can come to you. 

Q: Do you provide Railroad track and construction?

A: Yes! Western Train Co. can provide steel track and all materials necessary to get your Railroad up and running. Our team is ready to lay your track today!

Q: How many passengers can your trains pull?

A: Each of our train rides are capable of pulling over 100 passengers and up to 6 passenger coaches.

Q: How does shipping work on new rides?

A: All of our products are F.O.B. from our workshop in Temecula, CA. Which means our customers are responsible for shipment & freight to their facility. Western Train Co. works with experienced freight partners to help you with the shipping process!

Q: Do you provide oil & lubricants for your rides?

A: Yes. Western Train Co. provides professional quality lubricants, grease, and oil for all rides. Our specialized lubricants are proven to reduce wear and contact and are far superior to what you can buy over the counter.


Q: Do you offer financing for your new rides?

A: Yes, Western Train Co. works with partners who already provide financing towards the purchase of amusement equipment and rides.

Q: Can you make non operational display locomotives?

A: Yes, Western Train Co. is experienced in creating locomotives for display purposes. Ask us about creating a "Display locomotive" for your guests to enjoy.

Q: Do you buy old ride parts?

A: Yes, Western Train Co. will buy your old ride parts. Send photos to to get a price quote!


Q: What is the braking system on your trains?

A: Western Train Co. equips an air brake system on the passenger coaches.

Q: Can I come to your workshop?

A: Yes. We are happy to receive visitors scheduled in advance. We offer all of our clients multiple chances to come in for live inspection during construction.

Q: Do you buy Carousel Horses or Figures?

A: Yes, we are interested in buying carousel figures. Contact with photos and a description of your figure for a price quote. 

Q: Do you work on carousels?

A: Yes, we offer full service on carousels. Western Train Co. is proud to be involved in some of the most important and historical Carousel Restoration projects in the world.

Q: Can you make steam come out of your trains?

A: Yes, although our trains do not run under true steam power, we do equip them with artificial smokers that provide very convincing live steam effects!

Q: Do your trains have any heating problems?

A: No! Our product uses high quality aluminum radiators made in the U.S.A. Our trains do not overheat!

Q: Can you repair or replace fiberglass parts?

A: Yes, Western Train Co. can provide repairs and replacement of fiberglass parts. We can also produce new fiberglass molds.

Q: What do you mean when you refer to a trains "gauge"?

A: The "gauge" of a train is the distance of inside measurement between the two rails. We currently offer trains in 15", 24", 36" wheelbase. 

Q: Do you offer handicap access on your train rides?

A: Yes, all the time. We proudly offer the option of adding handicap access to all of our passenger coaches! 

Western Train Co. United States Amusement Park Ride Manufacturer
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