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C.P. Huntington

The C.P. Huntington, a beloved train ride attraction offered by Western Train Co., is a magnificent theme park train that combines classic charm with modern technology. Available in both diesel and electric models, this train runs on a 24" gauge platform and features a real brass bell and whistle, allowing passengers to experience the nostalgia of yesteryears. With your choice of vibrant colors, the C.P. Huntington can pull up to six passenger coaches, accommodating over 100 thrill-seekers in one exciting ride. This locomotive pays homage to Collis Potter Huntington, one of the key figures in America's railroad history, whose vision and determination contributed significantly to the development of the American West. Furthermore, the C.P. Huntington is equipped with options like ADA-compliant passenger coaches, simulated steam effects, and a variety of custom features, ensuring an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.


Standard Features:

  • Available in Electric or Diesel

  • Comfortable Operator Area

  • Choice of Colors

  • Electric System for Lights & Radio 

  • Real Locomotive Wheels

  • Air Braking System


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The Northern Railroad


a timeless american classic in a 15" Gauge wheelbase.


Standard Build:

  • Hydrostatic or electric powered

  • 4-6-4 layout

  • Ride-On Tender behind Locomotive

  • Electric System for Lights

  • Choice of Colors

  • Unique "monkey Motion" brass Effects



Hurlbut Miniatures

Designed in Los Angeles, CA by theme park pioneer bud hurlbut. Inspired by American Civil War Era Locomotives in a 15" Gauge wheelbase.


Standard Build:

  • Diesel or electric Powered

  • Unique "Monkey Motion" Brass Effects

  • Ride-On Tender Behind Locomotive

  • Electric System for Lights

  • Choice of Colors

  • Brass & Chrome Effects


Custom Locomotives


western train produces the world's finest private railroads. Whether you are looking for a display piece or a functional railroad, if you can dream it, we can build it!



These Locomotives are Made to Order




Calico mine train

Unique Design featuring a Sit-In-Cabin for a Captivating Operator's Experience in 24" Gauge wheelbase.


Standard Build:

  • Hydrostatic or electric Powered

  • Deluxe Tender with Storage

  • Sit-In Drivers Cabin

  • Custom Wooden Interior

  • Choice of Colors

  • Elegant Brass Effects

  • Electrical System for Lights


Passenger Coach

Classic Passenger Coach Design best suited for large groups of riders in Public areas.


Standard Build:

  • 7 Rows

  • Fits 2 Adults + 1 Child Per Seat

  • Fits 3 Children Per Seat

  • Air Brakes


modeled after union pacific #119 - the train that drove the golden spike on the transcontinental railroad!


this is a Sit in train ride featuring cast iron 38" direct drive wheels powered by a tender unit.


Standard Build:

  • sit in drivers cabin

  • main drive wheels on the locomotive

  • air Brakes

  • simulated steam


Cabin Coach

Elegant Passenger Coach Design that sits 8 to 12 Passengers with Doors & Lighting.


Standard Build:

  • 2 Rows with 3 to 6 Passenger Capacity.

  • 4 Doorways for Entry & Exit

  • air Brakes


Small Passenger Coach

Simple & Effective Passenger Coach that sits 8 Passengers in a 15" Gauge wheelbase.


Standard Build:

  • 8 passengers per coach.

  • Open Entryways for Enter & Exit

popcorn wagon

experience the perfect blend of old timey charm and delicious popcorn with our concession wagon - perfectly suited for popcorn, coffee, candy, bbq, or other concessions at your theme park or family fun center.


Standard Build:

  • sink

  • hot water

  • fresh / gray water tanks

  • power breaker

  • popcorn machine

  • steel construction

  • vintage theme

locomotive parts & Services


Western train can help our customers with repairs or parts replacement for any locomotive, "...from the wheels to the whistle".

  • new wheels or tire replacement

  • new bearings 

  • diesel drive system conversions (any train) "make your train brand new"

  • re-gauging of wheels to fit new tracks

  • re-produce old/antique castings

  • Complete locomotive refurbishment

  • paint & body

  • cnc or cast replacement parts for steam trains

  • remake one of a kind parts or custom parts

  • general locomotive maintenance

  • and more - we are one of the worlds only full service railroad shops with in-house capabilities for narrow & standard gauge locomotives.

railroad crossing signal

enhance your railways safety and guest experience with our classic railroad crossing signal systems. available with or without a crossing gate - these systems provide a visual and practical enhancement of safety and great railroad theme to any railway.


Standard Build:

  • with or without drop gate

  • led lighting

  • bell alarm system

  • works with 120v power

  • system activated by train

  • steel construction

  • vintage theme

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