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Western Train Co. goes to IAAPA 2017 in Orlando

A Family of Modern Day Railroaders Roll into IAAPA Station and Pay Homage to Theme Park Pioneer Bud Hurlbut.

TEMECULA, CA - (6 December 2017) -- Western Train Company pulls in to the Centennial Celebration of the IAAPA Convention with the history of Theme Park Pioneer Bud Hurlbut & The Hurlbut Amusement Co. The creators of the World’s First Dark Theme Park attraction at the World’s first Themed Amusement Park, the World Famous Knott’s Berry Farm. Now with the torch being passed to the Western Train Co., the attractions industry has the opportunity to preserve its rich history of railroading.

“We are very proud to carry on Bud’s works alongside our own, and we continue to learn from his innovations every day. From his famous Miniature Trains to the Calico Mine Ride, you can see the amazing craftsmanship in every detail of Bud’s Trains.” said Western Train founder Dino Marquez. “Our family strives to give that kind of quality to our customers and keep things simple the way Bud did. At the same time, we are always developing new ways to make the Trains safer and more reliable.”

Included in the Western Train Co. exhibit was a short video feature highlighting the story of Bud Hurlbut and the history of the attractions industry. Along with a complete catalogue of the many different Train Rides offered by Western Train Co. including the Hurlbut Miniatures, Calico Mine Train, Northern Railroad,, Jupiter, and the C.P. Huntington. Each of these locomotives are made available in Electric or Hydrostatic Diesel drive. The company also makes Custom Train Rides for those who have ideas that are way off the rails. Along with the railroad being a key part of United States history, Train Rides are one of the very few attractions that is able to provide family fun for virtually all park goers.

Now with the torch being passed to the Western Train Company, they promise to preserve the history, work ethic, and legacy of the pioneers of the attractions industry. Western Train Co. continues to provide Train Rides and Service for Parks, Zoo’s, and Cities all over the world, and plans to release never before seen Hurlbut innovations in the near future. Interested parties can contact the company at

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