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On Track for 2018!

The Western Train Co. returned home from the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, FL, where they debuted the New 2018 Locomotive Line-up. This was the 1st time the public got to peek inside this Train Shop & The Big News this year was their addition of the Hurlbut Amusement Company to the 2018 Catalog, featuring “The Calico Mine Train & the Hurlbut Miniatures”.

Paying Tribute to their Hero “Bud Hurlbut”, Western Train Co. released a Short Feature about the Achievements and Success of “The Dean of Amusement Park Rides” giving the people of IAAPA the chance to Remember a True Pioneer of the Amusement Park Industry.

They also Unveiled their Fresh New Locomotive the “Northern Railroad”, which quickly became the Hottest Selling Train in 2017 for the Western Train Company. This train brings a holiday classic to life! Inspired by the Book and Feature Film “The Polar Express” written by Chris Van Allsburg. A true American Classic, and speaking to their representatives they had just delivered An Electric model to the City of Fort Smith, replacing their Old Steamer in time for its Big Centennial Retirement Event, where they Released the New Electric Locomotive #200 to take over for the Next 100 years! Now looking to 2018, the tracks seem to be limitless…

All Aboard!, Adventure Awaits at The Western Train Co. Now Sit Back & Enjoy the Show!


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