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Aloha Express Train Ride arrives at Western Train Co. for new All-Electric Drive System


Exciting news from Dole Plantation in Oahu, Hawaii! Western Train Co., a renowned manufacturer of amusement rides, is set to perform a drive system conversion on the iconic Aloha Express engine. Currently operating as a diesel-electric train, the Aloha Express will soon be outfitted with an all-electric drive system, showcasing Western Train Co.'s commitment to sustainability and innovation of theme park train rides new and old.

Based in Temecula, California, Western Train Co. has established itself as a leader in the industry, specializing in amusement train rides and carousel manufacturing & repairs. Their expertise extends beyond Dole Plantation, with electric train ride installations at various prominent locations such as Santa Ana Zoo, Knott's Berry Farm, Adventure City, Creekmore Park, and even reaching destinations in Mexico. Additionally, they have exciting plans to introduce their electric train rides to other popular zoos across the United States.

Visitors to Dole Plantation can look forward to an enhanced experience aboard the Aloha Express, powered by Western Train Co.'s efforts in improving the existing technology at theme parks. The all-electric drive system will not only provide a smoother and quieter ride but also maintain the same level of excitement and charm that the train has always offered.

Western Train Co.'s dedication to advancing train rides and being a choice partner for park maintenance has garnered them a solid reputation in the amusements & attractions industry. Their installations in various amusement parks and zoos have delighted visitors of all ages, combining fun and sustainability for both the guests and park operators.

Speaking about the Train Ride Conversion service from Western Train Co., marketing director Anthony Marquez said;

"Our train ride conversion service is one of the fastest ways that parks can get their train back on track without having to buy an entirely new train ride. You get a whole new system with engines and drive components [and] whether that is the Hydrostatic Diesel system which has been popular for years, or the new Electric drive system going into our 2023 train rides - theyre both extremely suitable for this application. Train ride operators will be elated to see how long the electric train system from Western Train can perform for on the track."

As the Aloha Express undergoes its drive system conversion, it represents a significant step towards the future of the railroad experience at the Dole Plantation. Western Train Co.'s expertise and experience in electric train technology ensure that the newly outfitted Aloha Express will continue to captivate passengers and create lasting memories for years to come.

Stay tuned for updates on the electrifying transformation of the Aloha Express, as Western Train Co. continues to rehabilitate America's theme park train population with new, modernized drive systems.


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