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Nut Tree Plaza Partners with Western Train Co. for Train Ride Upgrade


Nut Tree Plaza in Vacaville, California, recently collaborated with Western Train Co., amusement ride manufacturer, to upgrade their #5 train ride engine. In response to Nut Tree Plaza's request, Western Train Co. replaced the old drive system with a hydrostatic diesel drive system. The successful four-week conversion process, followed by a few days of adjustments, has resulted in a smoothly running train at the shopping plaza.

Nut Tree Plaza sought Western Train Co.'s expertise to improve their train ride experience. Western Train Co. proposed upgrading the drive system to a hydrostatic diesel drive system, aiming to enhance performance, efficiency, and reliability. The drive system conversion service has become increasingly common at Western Train Co. with theme parks that have older train rides in need of restoration. Along with the conversion at Nut Tree Plaza, Western Train Co. has performed similar services for British Colombias Greater Vancouver Zoo and Village Park in Kannapolis, NC.

When asked about restoring another Hurlbut Amusement Co. train ride, Western Train Co. founder Dino Marquez said;

"It's a full circle moment for our shop, we've now had just about every Mine Train from the Hurlbut Amusement Co. come through Western Train Co. for repairs. The engines kind of get to come home in a sense when that happens, and it makes us feel good about the work we are doing with the conversions. Too many parks have older train rides and would like to see their investment serve them for years to come, our putting a new drive system in the trains helps them to reach that goal."

Working closely with Nut Tree Plaza's management, Western Train Co. assessed the existing train ride engine and its components. Their park ride technicians then dismantled the old drive system and installed the new hydrostatic diesel drive system. The integration process, completed over four weeks, ensured compatibility of the new diesel engine and performance of the hydraulic components. This service resulted in Enhanced Performance and Efficiency for the train engine, with a fraction of the maintenenace required. The upgraded hydrostatic diesel drive system offers improved performance, efficiency, and overall enjoyment for visitors.

This project ensures that the miniature train ride remains a beloved attraction, allowing families to create lasting memories for the next few decades at Nut Tree Plaza in Vacaville, California.


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