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Six Flags Fiesta Texas "Miss Kitty" Locomotive Gets Repairs at Western Train Co.


DEC 15 2021 -

California based amusement rides company, Western Train Co., has recently completed repairs to the "Miss Kitty" locomotive located at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in the form of providing the park with new wheels and bearings. The Locomotive known as "Miss Kitty", a 36" gauge, 2-4-0, Steam engine built by Baldwin Locomotive Works has been a staple at the park for years, but saw a few months of downtime for the repairs. Although the engine was built for steam power, the locomotive has been fitted with a safer Hydrostatic Diesel Drive System. Western Train Co. a manufacturer of park trains that prides itself on being able to service "any locomotive" was asked to perform the repairs to damaged wheels and bearings by representatives of Six Flags.

When asked about doing these types of small repairs for parks, owner Dean Marquez of Western Train Co. said;

"We are happy to help any train out there with repairs... I don't know of many other companies who can service both the narrow gauge and full size trains out there without sending everything out to other vendors, and even fewer who want to perform that kind of work quickly for parks. When the pandemic hit we saw a lot of parks take that off time to hit the reset button and fix what needed to be fixed [at their parks], be it trains or carousels we've been happy to see that parks are re-investing. With Six Flags [Fiesta Texas] we had to re-engineer the wheels to put new steel tires on and then they had to send one of the sets back for a small bearing adjustment mistake on our end. Despite all that, the guys [Park & Maintenance Directors] over at Six Flags [Fiesta] Texas really love their trains and they're doing a good effort to keep them going, of course we were happy to help get it back running on the track."

No strangers to working on large locomotives, Western Train Co. has unveiled a new, larger locomotive to their train products line modeled after Central Pacific's "Jupiter", a train that was present for the Golden Spike ceremony at Promontory Summit for the completion of the first Transcontinental Railroad. With the first production Jupiter model headed to Remlinger Farms in Carnation, WA - The locomotive will feature Western Train Co.'s Hydrostatic Drive System, a sit-in drivers cab, and a 1 year warranty for new locomotive owners. Along with their work on repairs to trains and rides like the one at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Western Train Co. is already set to complete and install 6 new carousels and train rides of their own manufacture in 2022.

Story by Western Train Co., Inc. DEC 15 2021


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