Western Train Co. makes progress on Antique Carousel Restorations

Western Train Co., amusement train manufacturer from Southern California known for their amusement park train rides, has taken on operations in restorations of 3 antique carousels. Among these 3 carousels is what is considered to be "The Finest Carousel Ever Carved", a 1927 Illions Supreme Carousel, this historic antique carousel is 1 of 3 ever carved and was in service for decades at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in Pomona, CA. Take a look at a few of the carousels Western Train Co. has already begun restorations on...

#1: 1927 Illions Supreme Carousel

Formerly at Los Angeles County Fairgrounds

See Western Train Co.'s current progress on the 1927 Illions Supreme below:

Mechanism with new coating

1927 Illions Supreme Mechanism with new coating

#2: 1890 Looff "Broadway Flying Horses" Carousel

Original Coney Island, NY Carousel / Last seen in San Diego, CA

Along with the 1927 Illions Supreme from LA County Fairgrounds, Western Train Co. will also restore the historic Looff 1890 "Broadway Flying Horses" Carousel, the original Carousel of Coney Island, NY. The Broadway Flying Horses Carousel was last seen in Shoreline Village of San Diego, CA.

Restorations of the 1890 Looff Broadway Flying Horses carousel has not yet begun, although Western Train Co. has already begun preparations and expects the restorations to be swift and accurate.

#3: 1902 Dentzel Menagerie Carousel

Best known for it's service at Knott's Lagoon in Buena Park, CA.