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Flying Horses at Boomtown Casino!

This May 2019, Western Train Co. - A California based Amusement Rides Manufacturer - traveled to Reno, NV to perform an inspection on the Carousel at Boomtown Casino & Hotel, made by Fabricon Carousel Co. sometime in the 1990s. The team at Western Train found the carousel to be in non-operating condition and made arrangements with Boomtown Casino to restore the machine at their workshops in Temecula, CA. After weeks of restoration to major parts of the machine, Western Train Co. successfully re-installed the restored Carousel in it's dedicated room in Boomtown Casino & Hotel, where it is now operating for guests to enjoy. When asked about the restoration, Western Train Co. Marketing Director Anthony Marquez said, "When we first saw the carousel it was in pretty rough shape mechanically, the horses and vanity pieces were mostly accounted for, but the real problem was in the structural pieces of the carousel. We found broken sweeps, rotted out mud-sills, bent structural supports, and critical bearings that were completely unusable… The real challenge wasn't in the parts but in getting the machine disassembled, shipped, and completely restored and re-installed in just 30 days time, that was a test for our workshop guys, but I'm happy we were able to get the machine up and running the way our customers wanted!" Western Train Co. is most known for their miniature Train Rides which run around Amusement Parks all over the world. However, in the past few years the Train Shop from California has turned into a restoration shop for Antique and Historic Carousels. In early 2017, Western Train Co. began the bulk of restorations on several Antique carousels; including a 1927 Illions Supreme, an 1890 Looff "Broadway Flying Horses" Carousel, a 1920's Dentzel Menagerie Carousel, and most recently a charming little Carousel located in Reno, NV. Western Train is striving to provide museum quality restorations to Antique Rides and Americana. "We really enjoy working on the Carousels, our clients like that we can come in and take a look at their oldest rides (Trains & Carousels) and give them an inspection sheet that lets them know just what's going on up there. Several times with Carousels we meet maintenance teams who just don't know where to start looking for problems, so we are very happy to be able to step in and help", says Marquez. While they are in progress on their current restoration projects and installing new railroads, Western Train Co. continues to offer museum quality restorations to local parks.

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